UrbanGlass Gala 2018

I knew I came across something special when I started my journey at the renowned UrbanGlass Studio in 2014. Although I was offered a sort of sampling of ways to manipulate glass (casting, glass blowing, cold working, etc) I fell in love with a process that has become an integral part of my practice today. Flame working is where my jewelry begins and has become one of my favorite processes as a mixed media sculptor. I would have never had the opportunity to experience such a versatile material without this amazing non-profit studio. So when this years' gala came around I jumped at the opportunity to donate. Having received scholarships from this institution, I knew I wanted to help some other fellow artist continue to pursue their passion of glass as well. The result was a color changing multi-pendant necklace: flame worked glass cabochons set into domed sterling silver backings on an oval link chain.

The evening was filled with amazing performances and pieces by so many phenomenal artists. Congratulations UrbanGlass on your forty-one years!


UrbanGlass Gala 2018-126.jpg
UrbanGlass Gala 2018-143.jpg
Gala Necklace Double2.jpg
Gala Necklace Natural Close Up.jpg
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