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I can see you have questions...let's jump right in!

Q: How does my glass jewelry change color?

A: Glass is "colored" using metal oxides. For example, cobalt and copper could be used to make glass blue or green. Cool right?! In this case the exact formula used to make your lovely pieces switch color, is trade secret. For a list of all possible metal oxides used in my jewelry please contact me at info@aur-jewelry.com

Q: So it's like "mood" jewelry right?

A: Not so much. Your jewelry shifts in color depending on whether you are in natural or fluorescent light. "Mood" jewelry changes with body temperature.

Q: How do I care for my jewelry?

A: A polishing cloth is the recommended way to spruce up your AUR bling. I do not recommend submerging your jewelry in a silver cleaning solution. 

Q: Can I wear my color changing jewelry in the shower? bathtub? pool? ocean?

A: To keep your pieces looking like new, I recommend taking them off during these activities.

Q: I have more questions! 

A: Simply send me an email at info@aur-jewelry.com and we can set up an in-person or phone meeting. Or I can just shoot you an email back :) 

With Love,

B. Abreu