About the Designer

I have a long and nostalgic relationship with jewelry. Although I enjoy many creative aspects, both two and three-dimensional, I have always felt that "buzz" when making objects involving the body. 

It became more than a fascination in my Mother's jewelry box the day I graduated from fifth grade. To be honest I don't remember much about that school year (I'm pretty sure I can sum it up as sweaty, awkward and scattered with sinus infections) but I do know I was more than nervous about walking across that small stage knowing I was about to encounter a new school district with no familiar faces in the upcoming months after summer. My family was there waiting at the end of the ceremony with congrats, hugs and flowers, but in my Father's hands I noticed he held a small box. Inside was a marquee set amethyst ring in silver with the stone bookended by two small diamonds. My parents told me (that after we get it resized) that I should wear it everyday. They said I was special and that whenever I looked at this ring, I would know how much they love me.

I think back on my parents decision to give me such a lovely gift when I was so young! How did they know I wouldn't lose it? As I got older I also thought about how my four siblings and I would leave things in places and forget about them or spend hours trying to find that library book that needed to be returned... how could they possibly know I wouldn't mis-place something so valuable and small? Maybe they knew the impact heirloom pieces have on people as a whole and that my age didn't matter so much. Maybe my mother saw the care I took looking at and examining all the brightly colored 80's jewelry in her collection and knew I would care for mine the same way. Or maybe my parents were in fact worried, but hoped that this would be a great opportunity to instill the value of "things" because sometimes they can transcend their original value and become irreplaceable. All objects over time, have the ability to "shift".

I have not taken off my ring since and yes, that is it pictured above. Although one of the small sparkly diamonds has fallen out, the top half of the setting is gone, and the metal structure has eroded away in several places, this is still one of my most treasured possessions.

When you put on one of my pieces I want you to feel they way I do when I look at my broken and decaying ring: like you are wearing something special and that you never want to take it off.



With Love,

B. Abreu


For commissions:

Please contact me at info@aur-jewelry.com